Friday, March 16, 2012

Cushion cover

Do you remember me working on this little project recently?

Well I'm very happy to say that my cushion cover is finally finished.  The old cover was looking really faded, stained and pretty well awful so it definately needed a pick me up.

The cushion was pretty squashed and flat so I made up my own pattern for this particular one.  Just a basic double crochet (UK/Aus), stripe pattern the whole way.  Once I sewed it up I then did a couple of dc rows around the outside, one in blue and one in bright pink, then I did the shell edge in pink to finish it off.

We can't forget the buttons of course.  I didn't want to go out and buy some as this has pretty well been a using my stash project.  I had these buttons and they look pretty good and do the job so I'm happy.

The weekend is coming up and lovely hubby will be heading back to work early tomorrow morning so it will just be the kidlettes and I for the whole weekend.  I have no idea what we'll get up to but I'm sure there'll be a little less sewing and crochet than there has been this week.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

xx Susan

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driftwood said...

oh your crochet cover is lovely, and I love the way you've used your buttons, gives me an idea for that big tin full I just got. your sewing is lovely too, keep at it!!!! x